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Urban League Affiliates

National Urban League

Affiliate Listings by State


There are over 100 National Urban League Affiliates located in 36 states across the United States, serving more than 2.6 million people each year. These professionally staffed offices are where the Urban League mission comes to life - where people and their neighborhoods grow, change, and become empowered.

With programs and resources for all levels of education, job placement and training, affordable housing and home buying, business development, after-school care, mentoring, healthcare counseling, and much more, the affiliates provide residents and their families with unlimited opportunities and guidance so they may rise as high as they choose to go.

While all affiliates must comply with rigorous National Urban League standards, they have the freedom to tailor their services to local needs, thereby ensuring the best results for the people and communities they serve. Urban Leagues also cultivate a symbiotic relationship with local residents and companies, encouraging them to volunteer through Urban League programs and to advocate for positive change in their communities.

The Affiliate Census

The Affiliate Census is an annual publication that documents each affiliate’s financial and programmatic highlights of that calendar year. The reports from all affiliates showcase the cumulative impact of the programs and operations of the National Urban League and the Affiliate Movement.

Based on the reports from all affiliates, the cumulative economic impact of the programs and operations of the National Urban League and the Affiliate Movement is $1.1 billion. More than 2.6 million lives were empowered to excel, reaching more than 100 million through advocacy, research and other public efforts during the 2010 calendar year.

2010 Census

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